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Climate Master offers a wide range of geothermal heat pumps designed to meet the needs of virtually every size and style of home. Whether you choose a Ultra Classic, Paradigm or one of the new Genesis units, Climate Master geothermal heat pumps deliver high efficiency performance and comfort for heating and cooling your home.


CMupdn.gif - 51751 Bytes Genesis Packaged Systems
Upflow and Downflow Cabinets
Genesis geothermal heat pumps are the latest in heating and cooling technology. Developed by the industries leading geothermal experts, and produced by the world largest
manufacturer of water source heat pumps. The Genesis product line is the most advanced geothermal technology available today. It is designed with the installer in mind to improve reliability, and reduce installed costs.

The availability of unit sizes, configurations and applications make the Genesis line the perfect match for nearly every installation.


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Genesis Split System
And Matched Air Handler

The Genesis Split Geothermal Heat Pump can be connected to your existing furnace or installed with a new Air Handler from ClimateMaster. Easily connected to fossil fuel furnaces, the Genesis Split is ideal in an "add-on" installation, providing you with the maximum in convenience and comfort, at a reduced installed cost.


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Genesis Split System Matched Air Handler

The Genesis Split geothermal heating and cooling system and matched Air Handler are the perfect combination. This high efficiency A-coil Air Handler features: